Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (2023)

Experienced Leadership

Wellbore Integrity Solutions is led and guided by a dynamic team of industry professionals with expertise in the wellbore industry and global operating experience across the areas of oilfield services, manufacturing and E&P as well as successful M&A experience.

Leadership Team

Ed J. Boufarah

Chief Executive Officer

Ty Lawrence

Chief Financial Officer

Graham Stronach

Chief Technology Officer

Shane Willoughby

Vice President
General Counsel

Wes Heiskell

Vice President
North America

James McKenna

Vice President
Eastern Hemisphere

Alexey Nikitin

Vice President
Russia and Central Asia

Marcos Ortiz de La Peña

Vice President
Latin America

Roxanne Algra

Vice President
Marketing and

Chris Beard

Vice President
Information Technology

Trevor Brooks

Vice President
Global Sales and

Paul Gonzales

Vice President
Supply Chain and
and Manufacturing
Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (13)

Ed J. Boufarah


Ed J. Boufarah is Chief Executive Officer of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Ed joined WIS in July 2022 and brings 30 years of industry experience. Before joining WIS, Ed served as Vice President for Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes company, known for leading technology in mission-critical asset condition monitoring and reliability as well as asset performance management solutions across the oil and gas, power, and industrial space. Prior to this role in Baker Hughes, Ed held the position of Chief Commercial Officer for the Digital Solutions business. Prior to Baker Hughes, Ed held numerous regional and global leadership positions in companies including General Electric, Bredero Shaw, and ExxonMobil. Ed brings a wealth of international commercial and operating experience, having led businesses worldwide and forging enduring relationships with key customers and counterparties. He has extensive international exposure in regions including the United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa, India, and the Middle East.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (14)

Ty Lawrence


Ty Lawrence is Chief Financial Officer of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Before joining WIS in December 2022, Ty served as Chief Financial Officer for CB&I Storage Tank Solutions, a business within McDermott International. CB&I Storage Tank Solutions was a global leader in the design and build of bulk liquid storage facilities tanks and terminals for the energy, industrial, water and wastewater markets. Prior to this role, Ty held various senior leadership positions in finance, treasury, and investor relations within McDermott in the US and the UK. Ty has over 25 years of experience gained in numerous global leadership positions within both listed and privately owned companies, including Acision, an international software and telecoms group, Acergy, a global offshore oil and gas company; and Domestic & General, the leading provider of domestic appliance insurance in the UK. He has significant financial experience partnering directly with both business operations and management teams to enhance business and financial performance.

Ty is a qualified chartered accountant, having begun his career in auditing, and has extensive experience in financial planning and reporting, and risk management.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (15)

Graham Stronach

Chief technology officer

Graham Stronach is Chief Technology Officer for Wellbore Integrity Solutions over our Red Baron Global Product Line and Engineering team.

Graham brings over 35 years of experience in the Remedial, Intervention, and Drilling Tool businesses and has held a number of senior management roles, both domestically and internationally. Prior to joining WIS in 2020, Graham served over 29 years with Schlumberger and Smith International in operational, business development, and engineering positions. His roles included global Sub Segment Vice President and Middle East Vice President with Schlumberger and Asia Pacific Business Development Vice President with Smith International.

Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, Graham has spent the majority of his career on international assignments in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, China, Latin America, and the United States. Earlier in his career, Graham also worked for Halliburton, in their Directional Drilling business and Baker Oil Tools, in a Fishing & Remedial engineering capacity. His career has included several merger and acquisition projects, both from a seller and buyer perspective. In addition to front-line operational responsibilities, strategic planning, and execution have also been key elements of Graham’s career experience.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (16)

Shane Willoughby

Vice President
General Counsel

Shane Willoughby is Vice President and General Counsel for Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Prior to joining WIS in April 2023, Share held the position of Vice President at McDermott for the CB&I Storage Solutions business. Prior to this role, Shane held various senior leadership positions in the legal department within McDermott/CB&I in the US, The Netherlands, Singapore and Australia.

Shane has 25 years of legal experience gained in numerous global positions both in private practice and in-house. This includes working for Norton Rose Fulbright (formerly Macleod Dixon), a global law firm located in Calgary, Canada as a Public Markets/Mergers and Acquisitions attorney, Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company, an international upstream oil & gas company located in Kuwait, and an Exxon Mobil/Qatargas joint venture constructing LNG facilities in Qatar and the UK. Shane is qualified as an attorney in both Texas and Alberta, Canada.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (17)

Trevor Brooks


Trevor Brooks is Vice President of Global Sales and Commercial for Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Trevor brings over 29 years of professional experience in the international oil and gas industry with expertise in sales and operations, financial performance, and market share growth. Prior to joining WIS in 2019, Trevor served as Director Subsea Lifecycle Services and Global Director of Strategic Services for Aker Solutions, Director and Partner for MaxStab, Director of Sales with Scientific Drilling International, and held multiple global leadership positions within NOV Downhole and Schlumberger. Under his leadership, he turned around underperforming businesses, established new country entries, and developed new geo-markets. Trevor enjoys fostering higher levels of staff engagement while building positive relationships to achieve robust results. His flexible and dynamic leadership style helps build and develop successful teams.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (18)

Wes Heiskell

VICE PRESIDENT of North America

Wes Heiskell is Vice President of North America for Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Wes brings 39 years of oilfield experience and served as Director of Operations for our North America Red Baron Product Line in 2022. Before joining WIS in 2021, Wes held many senior roles in multiple locations around the globe, including Vice President of Operations at KLX, Vice President for Engineering and Product Development for Rubicon Oilfield International and Wildcat Oil Tools, and in 2012 he served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Viking Oil Tools. Previously, Wes also held senior roles with Schlumberger and Weatherford within their well intervention business segments. As a veteran of the industry and a well-respected expert, Wes has demonstrated throughout his career the ability to work successfully in different environments, strategically and operationally, while delivering results.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (19)

Alexey Nikitin


Alexey Nikitin is Vice President of Russia and Central Asia for Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Alexey has over 18 years of experience in the oil and gas industry starting his career with a BP Joint Venture in Russia. He first joined WIS in January 2020 as the Vice President of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) and held that position for one year until being promoted to regional Vice President of RCA. Prior to WIS Alexey held several different roles in Smith International and Schlumberger – from Operations Support and QHSE to Operations management and Operations Integrity and Auditing. While under his RCA leadership, he developed and implemented a new QHSE management system plus he grew the Sakhalin’s Fishing and Remedial, Tubular Surface and Drilling products and services from $5M revenue and negative IBT to a $35M a year revenue business with 40% profitability. Additionally, Alexey also oversaw all the international SLB major service operations – Exxon, Shell as well as main NOC’s, Gazprom and Rosneft. In 2013, Alexey moved to the United States as the Head of Operations Integrity (Quality and HSE) department for North America, and later became a Global Operations Systems Auditor responsible for verifying and improving Quality, HSE and Process compliance for over 100 locations worldwide.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (20)

James McKenna


Jim McKenna is Vice President of Eastern Hemisphere Operations for Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Jim brings over 28 years of professional experience in the international oil and gas industry. His expertise includes sales and operations, financial management, and market share growth. Jim joined WIS in 2019 as Vice President of Europe, Sub-Sahara, and Africa region. Before joining WIS, Jim served as Eastern Hemisphere Vice President for NOV-ReedHycalog, Regional Director for Europe & Sub Sahara with NOV-Drilling and Intervention, and prior to those positions, Jim held multiple senior management positions within NOV Downhole and Schlumberger. Jim has been involved in various company and divisional restructures before WIS and has worked in several continents around the globe.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (21)

Marcos Ortiz de La Peña

Latin America

Marcos is Vice President of Latin America for Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Marcos brings over 22 years of professional experience in Sales, Operations, Finance, and Market Share growth in the international Oil and Gas industry. Prior to joining WIS in 2020, Marcos worked for Schlumberger for 15 years in different management positions as Manager for Mexico & Central America, Operations Planning Manager worldwide, Sales & Commercial Manager for Drilling Group in Argentina and Brazil, and Vice President of Bits and Drilling Tools segment for Latin America for 6 years managing the business of Bits, DRILCO, Fishing & Remedial, Underreamers, Turbines, Jars, and Rental Tubulars & Casing Drilling. Under his leadership, Marcos introduced new technologies, achieved high revenues and margins, and substantially increased market share growth in Latin America.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (22)

Roxanne Algra


Roxanne Algra is Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Roxanne brings over 30 years of marketing and communications, and IT experience to WIS. Prior to starting with WIS in 2019, Roxanne served as the Creative Services Director for McDermott International. Under her leadership, she was responsible for the creative and multimedia team, visual and brand identity, online print fulfillment and digital asset systems, and strategic presentation design. Prior to McDermott, she served as the Creative Services Manager and Senior Graphic Designer for CB&I, where she redesigned the company intranet and corporate website. Before CB&I, she was a network administrator and web developer for the Tagos Group in Houston, Texas, and a SharePoint administrator and corporate presentation designer for Occidental Petroleum Corporation. During her 20-plus years at Oxy, she helped develop their first remote access capabilities and company intranet.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (23)

Chris Beard

Information Technology

Chris Beard is Vice President of Information Technology for Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Chris brings 30+ years of professional experience in the information technology industry with expertise in global IT infrastructure, backend business strategies, business transformation, and providing geoscience and engineering data solutions. Prior to joining WIS in 2019, Chris served as Chief Information Officer and Director of IT for Lockwood International executing IT business strategy during a sales growth period from $180M to $400M. He was Global IT Director for Global Geophysical Services responsible for a $5M IT budget, aligning IT operations on a global level and introducing global standard practices to improve project management, customer support, and inventory. Chris also founded and served as President of ITMed LLC, where he led operations that focused on high-level services to small and mid-size businesses. While at ITMed he fostered a client-focused culture and created or rebuilt IT infrastructures for over 30 companies.

Leadership - Wellbore Integrity (24)

Paul Gonzales

SUPPLY CHAIN and manufacturing

Paul Gonzales is Vice President of Supply Chain and Manufacturing for Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Paul brings over 20 years of professional experience in the international oil & gas industry with expertise in Supply Chain, Planning, Asset & Inventory Management, and Commercial Credit. Prior to joining WIS in 2020, Paul served as the Global Asset and Planning Manager for Schlumberger, where he was responsible for the global asset and inventory portfolio as well as the distribution network for global supply. He also served as the Chair of the Sales & Operations Planning Committee to enable effective supply chain management.

Prior to Schlumberger, he spent 10 years with Smith International serving in various roles, including North America Operations Support Manager and North America Asset Manager. He has also held Sr. Management positions within the Credit domain which included Director of Credit for Equalnet Corporation, International Credit Manager for Ricoh Global, and Credit Manager for Wilson Supply.


What does Wellbore Integrity Solutions do? ›

Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) provides a comprehensive suite of products, services, and solutions designed to enhance the life cycle of oil, gas, and geothermal wells.

Who is the CEO of Wellbore Integrity Solutions? ›

Ed J. Boufarah is Chief Executive Officer of Wellbore Integrity Solutions. Ed joined WIS in July 2022 and brings 30 years of industry experience.

What is the revenue of Wellbore Integrity Solutions? ›

Wellbore Integrity Solutions's official website is www.wellboreintegrity.com What is Wellbore Integrity Solutions's Revenue? Wellbore Integrity Solutions's revenue is $6.1 Million What is Wellbore Integrity Solutions's SIC code?

What is a wellbore only assignment? ›

Wellbore. An assignment can be limited to the wellbore of a well. A wellbore limitation means that the assignor is assigning only those rights to production from the wellbore of a certain well, arguably at the total depth it existed at the time of the assignment.

What is wellhead integrity? ›

Wellhead Integrity Management System is an integrated process used to mitigate the risk and cost of intervention in well integrity incidents, using a multidisciplinary approach and real-time intelligence.

Who owns Parker Wellbore? ›

Parker North America Operations, Inc. owns 100% of Parker Drilling Company North America, Inc. (Nevada); Parker USA Drilling Company (Nevada) and Parker Drilling Offshore Corporation (Nevada).

What is the well bore? ›

A wellbore is a hole that is drilled to aid in the exploration and recovery of natural resources, including oil, gas, or water. A wellbore is the actual hole that forms the well. A wellbore can be encased by materials such as steel and cement, or it may be uncased.

What is the email format for Integrity Solutions? ›

The most accurate and popular Integrity Solutions' email format is first [1 letter] + last (ex. JSmith@integritysolutions.com). Integrity Solutions also uses first.

What is the revenue of Sentinel Integrity Solutions? ›

Sentinel Integrity Solutions's revenue is $67.1 Million What is Sentinel Integrity Solutions's SIC code?

What is well integrity software? ›

Peloton WIMS (WellMaster Integrity Management System) enables global oil and gas operators to achieve increased well uptime and safer operations through well integrity management. The solution has helped oil and gas operators reduce nonproductive time due to well risk and failures.

What is the purpose of well control? ›

Definition. Well-control means methods used to minimize the potential for the well to flow or kick and to maintain control of the well in the event of flow or a kick. Well-control applies to drilling, well-completion, well-workover, abandonment, and well-servicing operations.

Why is wellbore cleaning important? ›

Wellbore debris is a recurring problem for the life of every well. Though debris comes in many shapes and sizes—from drilling fluid residue to milling waste to perforation fragments—an insufficiently cleaned wellbore can damage completion equipment, cause production losses, and damage the formation.

What is the effect of wellbore storage? ›

Effect of wellbore storage

In case of high CD, the wellbore storage effect masks the half unit slope pressure and derivative straight lines, the choice between a high or a low conductivity model (Section 3.3) is difficult, and xf is not uniquely defined from early time data analysis.


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