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1The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (1)Absorbent Washable Pads by LennyView on Amazon
2The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (2)Pet Parents Pawfect Round Pads View on Amazon
3The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (3)Wee Wee Little Dog Pee PadsView on Amazon
4The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (4)Mountain Fresh Hartz Home Protection Dog PadsView on Amazon
5The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (5)Reusable Dog Pee Pads for Green Living View on Amazon
6The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (6)Happy Activated Carbon Dog PadsView on Amazon


1. Absorbent Washable Pads by Lenny

The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (7)

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Pet owners who want a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for keeping their homes clean will appreciate Lenny Pads Ultra Absorbent Washable Pads. These pads are designed to be reusable, making them perfect for environmentally conscious pet owners.

Crafted from a blend of polyester, cotton, and vinyl, these washable pads are incredibly absorbent and outperform other reusable dog pads that cost twice as much. This makes them ideal for pet owners who want to keep their homes clean and odor-free.

One of the best things about Lenny Pads is that they are machine-washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they feel soft to the touch and look like a regular rug, blending seamlessly with your home’s decor.

While each pack only includes one pad, the quality-to-price ratio is unbeatable compared to other similar products on the market. Pet owners who regularly use washable pads for their pets should consider having a backup pad on hand in case the primary one is being washed.

Overall, Lenny Pads Ultra Absorbent Washable Pads are an excellent choice for pet owners who want a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and high-quality solution for keeping their homes clean and free from pet messes.



Machine washable

Effective and discreet


Possibly requires more than one replacement

2. Pet Parents Pawfect Round Pads

The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (8)

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Pet Parents Pawfect Round Padsare an excellent investment for pet owners seeking a durable and reusable alternative to disposable puppy pads.

While they may be a bit more expensive initially, their reusability makes them a highly practical purchase.

Each container contains two unscented, 48-inch-diameter gray and brown puppy pads. These pads are a reliable alternative to disposable puppy pads, and we appreciate that they are not immediately visible.

It’s worth noting that while Pet Parents Pawfect Round Pads are a reliable and eco-friendly solution for pet messes, pet owners should keep in mind that they may not cover the entire kennel flooring.

The quilted bottoms of the puppy pads rapidly absorb liquids and prevent tracking, while the slip-resistant rubber soles make them suitable for open areas. Guests will be unaware that these circles are dog mats, eliminating the unsightliness of disposable alternatives.

Overall, Pet Parents Pawfect Round Pads are an excellent alternative to disposable puppy pads for pet owners who value dependability, environmental friendliness, and affordability.




Locks in liquid rapidly


Will not cover crates or kennels completely

3. Wee Wee Little Dog Pee Pads

The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (9)

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Wee Wee Little Dog Pee Padsare an excellent option for pet owners toilet training their small dogs or canines. These odorless cotton cushions are designed to effectively absorb urine, preventing leakage and excess on the floor.

Each bundle contains 28 pads measuring 16.5 by 23.5 inches, making them ideal for small kennels and containers due to their compact size. Wet lock gel technology guarantees that the pads are 100% leak-proof and extremely absorbent, preventing spills from flooding or tracking.

While we believe these pads to be an excellent aid for canines who are just beginning toilet training, it is important to note that they are not a permanent solution. Wee Wee Little Dog Pee Pads may slip on smooth surfaces if they are not fastened, so pet owners should take care to secure them properly for optimal use.

Overall, Wee Wee Little Dog Pee Pads are a dependable and effective solution for pet owners who are housebreaking puppies or small canines. With a 6-layer leak-proof floor armor system and a top layer that dries quickly, these cushions provide 24-hour protection for your floors and furniture.


100% leak-proof

Ideal size for crates or kennels

Fantastic resource for novices


Only for novices

4. Mountain Fresh Hartz Home Protection Dog Pads

The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (10)

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Hartz Home Protection Mountain Fresh Puppy Padsare an excellent option for pet owners with larger breeds who require a thicker and more absorbent pad for their canines.

These pads are also scented with a mountain-fresh fragrance that helps to eliminate offensive odors.

Each bundle includes 60 pads measuring 30 by 21 by 0.2 inches, making them suitable for larger dogs and extending the time between purchases. The six-layer design and flash-drying technology transform liquid into gel, prohibiting it from tracking or seeping into the floor.

In addition, the Hartz Home Protection Mountain Fresh Puppy Pads have a leak-proof plastic backing that protects all floor types by preventing leakage. These cushions are ideal for a variety of locations, such as small kennels and cages.

Note that these pads may be too large for smaller canines, despite performing well for larger animals. For all your dog’s supply needs, Hartz offers a variety of unscented and scented dog pads, disposable dog diapers, and male diapers/wraps.

Overall, Hartz Home Protection Mountain Fresh Puppy Pads are the best option for pet owners with larger breeds who require a highly absorbent and odor-neutralizing pad.


6-layers of protection

Flash-dry technology gelifies urine

Fresh aroma


Could be excessively huge for little dogs

5. Reusable Dog Pee Pads for Green Living

The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (11)

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For pet owners who need an absorbent pad for their dog’s confinement while they’re away, Reusable Dog Pee Padsare a practical and eco-friendly option.

These machine-washable pads are an excellent investment, as they allow pet owners to always have a clean pad on hand without the need to frequently purchase disposable alternatives.

Each bundle contains four pads measuring 34 by 36 inches, providing ample coverage for crates, kennels, and even the center of a room. The pads’ bottoms are designed with a non-slip surface, allowing them to be used on hard floor surfaces.

While we found these pads to be sufficient for one or two accidents, we would not recommend them for long-term use. However, the fact that each bundle contains four cushions makes it easy to replace them multiple times per day.

At Green Lifestyle, preserving the environment is of utmost importance, which is why these cushions are made of high-quality fabric with reinforced seams to withstand repeated washings and last for a long time.

These pads are also intended to help pet owners maintain their dog’s decorum by providing additional protection against occasional urine escape, whether due to a medical condition or other causes.

Green Lifestyle Reusable Dog Pee Pads are an excellent option for pet owners seeking a dependable and environmentally responsible solution for their dog’s accidents.

With their highly absorbent, waterproof backing and machine-washable design, these pads are suitable for a variety of applications and will fit on any size of a mattress, making them ideal for puppies, adult dogs, and senior canines alike.



Machine washable

Compatible with hard flooring


Not extremely absorbent

6. Happy Activated Carbon Dog Pads

The 6 Best Pee Pads For Dogs in 2023 - BestForPets (12)

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The Glad Activated Carbon Puppy Padsare an excellent option for pet owners who wish to eliminate odors caused by accidents. The charcoal gray color of these disposable pads sets them apart from standard white pads.

Each bundle includes 50 mats measuring 28 by 30 inches, making them suitable for puppies and medium-sized canines. Due to the polymer and carbon materials used in their construction, these cushions are highly absorbent and can rapidly absorb liquids.

The pheromone attractant in the Glad Activated Carbon Puppy Pads aids in training canines to use them. Additionally, the pads’ folded edges design effectively prevents leakage.

While these cushions are reasonably effective at absorbing liquids and eradicating odors, there may still be a trace of odor. Additionally, because these pads are larger than standard measurements, they may be too large for some locations.

Overall, the Glad Activated Carbon Puppy Pads are a versatile option for pet owners. They can be used as food and water spill collectors, litter box spill mats, furniture protection covers, and more.

Due to their unique design and high absorbency, these pads are a dependable option for pet owners who wish to eliminate pet urine odors from their homes.


Effective for both pups and adults

Polymer and carbon are utilized to reduce odor and dampness

Charcoal color merges in


Could cover too much space for some locations

Buying Guide

1. Dog Pee Pad Absorbency

Absorbency is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing puppy pads. Poorly constructed pads can leak onto the floor, rendering the product useless.

2. Dog Pee Pad Size

Size is also essential for several reasons. The size of your dog affects the amount of urine it produces, so choosing the right size ensures that your purchase will not leak or be inadequate.

The size of the kennel or container you are using is also important.

3. Dog Pee Pad Quality

Skimping on quality is likely to result in dissatisfaction with your purchase. Quality does not necessarily mean a high price; it means a product that lives up to its claims. You may find that cheap puppy pads leak, fall apart, or leave traces.

4. Dog Pee Pad Thickness

Thickness is not always a foolproof indicator that a puppy pad can withstand frequent use, but it is a good sign. Many pee pads for dogs have multiple layers that absorb, capture, and even transform waste liquids.

5. Dog Pee Pad Attraction

Since most puppy pads are used for training purposes, many of them have built-in attractants to help your dog know where to go.

Explore the top 10 best pee pads for puppies, essential for effective potty training. Read more at!


1. What are dog urine pads?

Dog urine pads are absorbent coverings used for housebreaking dogs. They are designed to absorb urine and prevent accidents in the house.

2. Can urine pads be used for animals other than dogs?

Yes, urine pads can be used for other animals such as cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. However, it is important to choose a pad that is specifically designed for your pet’s breed.

3. Are dog pee pads a good idea?

They can be a useful training aid, especially during the stage of a puppy’s life when they need to eliminate frequently. Maintenance and clean-up are as easy as replacing the old pad with a new one. Pads can be used on a part-time or full-time basis to accommodate your dog’s needs and your lifestyle.

4. How often should a puppy use a pee pad?

Generally, very young puppies under 8 weeks old should have their pads changed every two to three hours. Older puppies up to six months old should have their pads changed twice a day. Mature dogs may need their pads changed every four to six hours.

5. Can dogs use urine pads?

Yes, pee pads are an effective tool for housebreaking dogs. They can also be used for geriatric dogs with bladder control issues.

6. Why do dogs stop using pee pads?

They may overshoot the pad because they are still learning and need more practice. Most puppies are not reliably housebroken until around six months of age (sometimes longer for smaller breeds).


If you want to save money but don’t want to sacrifice quality, choose Lenny Pads Ultra Absorbent Washable Pads. This single pad is reusable, machine washable, and incredibly individual.

BestForPets ( would like to thank our visitors for visiting our site to learn about and research the best pee pads for dogs.

We hope that the pee pads perform as well for you as they did for us, and that if you’re toilet training, strength will be on your side (we know it’s a pain in the arse) during this laborious procedure.


Are carbon pee pads better? ›

While the charcoal is meant to better absorb scents, we didn't notice much difference compared to puppy pads without charcoal, or "activated carbon," at least with our vinegar test. Bark's puppy pads also have adhesive tabs, making them easy to keep in place on your floor.

How many times should a dog use a pee pad? ›

Once your dog pee pad is in place, take your pup to the pad every few hours, especially after playtime, when they've just woken up, or after they've eaten or drunk.

What are the best washable pee pads? ›

Top 7 Washable Dog Pee Pads Reviews
  • Zampa Pets Quality Reusable Dog Pee Pad. Round shape suitable for playpen. Machine-washable. ...
  • Rocket & Rex Washable Puppy Training Pads. Attractive bone print. Machine-washable. ...
  • Frisco Washable Dog Potty Pads. Available in different sizes and multipacks. Machine-washable.

How do you stop an older dog from peeing on everything? ›

Or, if he's too old for training, you may be able to manage his incontinence more diplomatically.
  1. Clean Up Thoroughly. Begin by cleaning up any urine spots in the house using an enzymatic cleaner that eliminates odors. ...
  2. Give Him a Designated Area. ...
  3. Increase Your Dog's Potty Breaks. ...
  4. Supervise Your Dog. ...
  5. Use Dog Diapers.
Jun 11, 2023

How do you stop incontinence in older dogs? ›

Management of Urinary Incontinence in Dogs
  1. Using doggie diapers.
  2. Walking the dog more frequently.
  3. Using waterproof pads under their bedding.
  4. Maintaining proper hygiene to prevent skin infection.
Sep 4, 2023

What do you put under a dog pee pad? ›

A pee pad on carpet can be confusing. Where does the carpet end and the pee pad begin? Put the pee pad in a pee pad holder or kitty litter pan. You can also use something else like fake grass or dog litter as an alternative.

What attracts dogs to pee pads? ›

Some pads boast added attractants designed to simulate the smell of grass, ammonia, and pheromones.

Are washable pee pads worth it? ›

A washable pad can be used at least 300 times – but a pack of disposable pads will have around 100 for the same price. In the end, while it may be a slightly more expensive initial investment, it will be more cost-effective in the long run. Last but not least, you will need to consider your dog's habits.

Do pee pads encourage dogs to pee inside? ›

Pee Pads Teach Your Dog to Pee in Your House (Yikes!)

No matter how well-intentioned you are in your approach to potty training, if you bring pee pads into your house, you are doing the wrong thing. The one and only exception is for sick and elderly dogs that literally can't get up to go out.

At what age should a dog stop using pee pads? ›

Most pups are potty trained at around six months as an average. Still, it can take much less time, or over a year - particularly for teacup breeds with tiny bladders that need to reach almost adulthood before they can go a few hours without an accident!

Can I leave my dog at home with pee pads? ›

This can be a pee pad or maybe a litter box lined with sod or artificial turf. Don't use blankets/bedding/pee pads, if your puppy tends to eat those items. Set up a "puppy zone" (aka confinement area). This may be a small room, kitchen, bathroom, or an exercise pen in a larger room.

What are the cons of pee pads? ›

The Disadvantages

If relied on for too long, some pets may not want to eliminate elsewhere. If there is an outdoor space available, it's typically recommended to train them to use that first. Then, indoor pads can be used only as an alternative. Also, pet pee pads can create more waste, as many products are single-use.

Do pee pads work for poop? ›

Using puppy training pads are a great way to teach your dog where they should go to the bathroom. Also, they provide a space for your puppy to pee or poop when it's too cold outside or before they have received all of their shots; using puppy potty training pads can also help build confidence.

Can you dry reusable pee pads? ›

Washable Pad - Reuse the pad infinitely, machine washing and tumble drying it repeatedly. The pee pad will be restored to brand-new condition without ripping, fraying, or losing softness.

Do pee pads work for senior dogs? ›

In fact, reusable, washable Lennypads were intended to be used at all stages of your dog's life – from newborn litters to silvery seniors. Not only are these pads efficient and sustainable, but they offer a comfortable space for your senior pup to do his or her business.

Should you use pee pads for older dogs? ›

Your dog is disabled or a senior - Senior or disabled adult dogs can often struggle with mobility and general movement, making peeing outside a challenge. Keeping pee pads around the home can make them more comfortable and ensure peeing and pooping is more accessible.

Do dog diapers work for senior dogs? ›

Diapers for Senior Dogs

Older dogs have a more difficult time controlling their urges and may not be able to get outside quickly enough to avoid accidents. In some cases cognitive impairment can contribute to incontinence as well. Medications can help, but dog diapers may still be a necessity.


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